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Counseling available for all ages
Individual Outpatient
Family Counseling
Couples, Pre-marital and Marriage Counseling
Divorce counseling
Grief Counseling
Suicide PAIR (Prevention, Assessment,
Intervention and Recovery)
ADHD and Psycho-Education

Biblical Counseling

Christian Counseling

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS)

SOAR Study Skills
Wellness and Life Coaching

How Aspenwood Counseling can help

Aspenwood Counseling offers several types of counseling services. Individual counseling is available to address initial mental health issues, teach coping skills and assist the client in understanding the nature of their disorder or how stress affects them specifically. Family sessions offer the client an opportunity to improve relationships with family members, open doors to communication and break stigmas that often surround mental health.

Counseling sessions may include wellness coaching, educational services, bio-feedback sessions, meditations and play therapy. The client directs the therapy services that will provide the best opportunity for their own recovery and healing.

We are able to offer services to individuals who do not qualify for Medicaid and do not have other insurance coverage on a sliding fee scale basis. Providing parenting classes, resources for students with executive skills dysfunction and additional psycho- educational groups will allow a larger group of people to improve their interpersonal and communication skills face to face. Office hours are flexible to meet the needs of our clients.

First responders and their families provide an essential service to our local communities and Aspenwood Counseling is offering counseling session and wellness coaching to all first responders at $30.00 per 45-minute session for up to 6 sessions.  This offer includes all police department, county sheriff, corrections officers, fire and ambulance personnel and their immediate families.  This service is offered regardless of the availability of insurance coverage.

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