Our mission is to provide quality, caring and professional services to individuals and families through individualized service plans, community networks, as well as specialized behavioral modification techniques. Through our services, we will strive to empower ALL individuals to develop self-respect and reach their highest potential in life. It is the belief of our agency that the participants shall participate freely, having choice in the selection, direction, scheduling and the evaluation of services.

Individual counseling sessions offer the client an uninterrupted opportunity to give voice to their concerns, pain and anxiety while a caring counselor offers encouragement, techniques, skills and recommendations for healing. Family counseling provides the client with an opportunity to communicate with family members in a safe environment, to ask for help or explain why life is complicated. Client's need the support and encouragement of family and friends to heal and recover from mental health issues, Aspenwood's counselors work to facilitate that communication.



First responders and their families provide an essential service to our local communities and Aspenwood Counseling is offering counseling session and wellness coaching to all first responders at $30.00 per 45-minute session for up to 6 sessions.  This offer includes all police department, county sheriff, corrections officers, fire and ambulance personnel and their immediate families.  This service is offered regardless of the availability of insurance coverage.  Please contact our office at 208-878-9178 to schedule an appointment.ype your paragraph here.

​Does the idea of Christmas leave you feeling down? It's ok to feel things, even not so happy things during the Christmas season. This is the time we feel loss deeper, we feel challenged to be or give more than we can.  Allow yourself time to feel, please don't cover up  sadness with smiles and pretend laughter. It is okay to feel sad, angry, lost, happy, joy, peace and even disquiet. Emotions are a part of what makes us human. IF those emotions are more than you feel is reasonable for your situation, talk to a friend, family or another caring individual. Sometimes just getting a different point of view is enough. Please know that you are important and there is no one on this earth who is like you. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


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